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The Case for Professionalism in the Hiring Process

Through our recent employee satisfaction survey, we heard several stories about professionalism, or lack of it, during the hiring process. In today’s competitive employment climate, unprofessional behavior from members of the hiring team can create a less than ideal impression for the job seeker, leaving you at a disadvantage.

In one case, a recruiter contacted a candidate to schedule an in-person interview. When the job seeker arrived, the recruiter hadn’t taken the time to read or even print out their resume. Without that reference point, the recruiter was grasping at straws to ask relevant questions. In the end, the candidate’s time was wasted due to an entirely preventable problem. Let’s look at the importance of professionalism in the hiring process and how you can ensure that every candidate has a positive experience.

The Candidate Experience

There has been a lot of talk about employer branding over the last few years. An employer brand refers to the marketing, social media, current employee testimonials, and hiring process that helps make your company an employer of choice for potential applicants. One of the most critical parts, that is often overlooked, is the candidate experience. People talk, and if someone has a bad experience with your hiring process, they’ll let others know. A situation like the one above leaves a bad taste in the candidate’s mouth, which they will happily share with anyone who asks.

Do Your Homework

There is a baseline for employers. You expect your candidates to arrive prepared for the interview. You want them to ask intelligent questions and put their best foot forward. As the interviewer, you have the same responsibility to your applicants. Read their resume before the interview, develop thoughtful questions to understand their previous experience and workstyle, and showcase what your company has to offer them as an employee.

Respect Their Time

We are all busy. As a manager, you are likely pulled in many directions. The hiring process often falls to the back burner. However, it’s critical that you respect your candidates’ time. If you expect them to be on time for the interview, don’t leave them waiting too long. Don’t multi-task while speaking with them; give them your full attention. Not only is that respectful, but it is crucial to making a sound hiring decision.

Follow Up

Your responsibility doesn’t end with the interview. You need to follow up with every candidate, even those who didn’t get the job. Employers have historically engaged in the practice of ghosting, but now that the tables have turned, they’re seeing how ghosting can negatively impact the employee experience. Don’t wait too long; follow up, provide feedback, and always keep talent in mind for the future.

Do you want to ensure a positive experience for your applicants? Sigred Solutions is your recruitment partner. We connect great employers with amazing talent and stay to support your success. Call us to learn more today.

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