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About the Sigred Group

From the start, we have intentionally brought together a diverse group of colleagues and trusted advisors. While each of us bring something different to the table, we are aligned in our values and approach to the business.

  • Fun – Make the recruiting and development process easier for our clients and candidates by tackling the hard work needed for organizational development.

  • Integrity – Do the right thing. If we slip, we do what we can to make it right.

  • Involved – Support building a strong and vibrant community. Through mentoring, volunteering and charitable donations, giving back is as important as any service we provide.

  • Diverse & Inclusive – Create an environment that is intentionally inclusive. We help our clients build diversity into their leadership..

  • Open – Create relationships with our clients and candidates that are open, trusting and honest.

Meet our Team and meet our Trusted Advisors.

Put our expertise to work for you.

“The speed and quality of the candidates and the search were exceptional.” 


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