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Managing Your Career: What Should You Be Doing To Find Your Next Job?

It’s a strange and confusing time for both job seekers and employers. We are not sure if we are still in a candidate-driven market or if employers are regaining control. If you are looking for a job and want to put your best foot forward, there are some things you can do to improve your skills and increase your chances of finding a great career.

Focus on Power Skills

Once known as “soft skills,” power skills are a hot topic for hiring. Power skills are those core traits that can make you successful in your job, including:

· Verbal and written communication skills

· Emotional intelligence, empathy, self-awareness, and cultural awareness

· Problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation

· The ability to work well in teams

Develop examples from your past experiences that highlight these skills and use stories in your interviews and cover letters. Another tip: showing professionalism throughout the interview process will help you be more marketable.

Stay Productive While Remote

One of the best ways to market yourself in today’s job climate is to showcase your ability to stay productive while working remotely. Companies embracing remote work still want assurances that the people they hire can meet deadlines and productivity goals without onsite supervision. Create narratives that illustrate your successes working remotely and show potential employers what you can do for them.

Leverage Professional Associations

Adding credentials to your resume can get you noticed. However, that’s not the only reason to join a professional association. Associations also provide networking and educational opportunities to help you advance your career. Pro tip: you get out what you put in. Don’t just sign up, multiply the benefits by becoming an active member. Developing connections within your industry can help in a lot of ways, so don’t miss out on this simple addition to your resume.

Stay Up to Date

This is the perfect time to learn something new. Gaining new industry-related skills, especially those in high demand, will give your resume more attention. You might even be able to leverage your new skills to take a more fulfilling career path. Look around to see what skills are in demand and develop them to boost your job search.

Expand your Networking

People are meeting in person! This can be great for your job search. Reconnecting with people from your past can give you a foot in the door to new opportunities. In addition to nurturing your existing network, expand your online network by completing your LinkedIn profile, connecting and interacting with others, and following the top people in your industry.

Find a Mentor

Creating a mentor relationship is another, often-overlooked, opportunity to make yourself more marketable. Someone with industry experience has wisdom and connections to share as you begin your job search. They can provide valuable insight so you can avoid the mistakes they made. Mentors can also be a sounding board, cheerleader, and accountability partner.

Additional Resources

Do you need additional support for your job search? The Talent Strategy Collection ( offers a self-paced course on the Secrets of a Successful Job Search ( and provides tools to help you find your next career.

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