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Best practices for leading a blended WFH/RTO workforce

Global Engagement Survey and Interviews

We are proud to share the findings of our Global Engagement and Culture Survey combined with interviews of leading organizations implementing best practices for managing employees in a blended Work from Home/Return to Office environment. 

Our report looks at what is driving employee engagement during COVID-19 and combines it with analysis of what companies are doing to help maintain engagement during these challenging times. 

Managing a blended workforce is forcing leaders to adapt their approaches regarding:

  • Managing employee motivators

  • Building mutual trust

  • Strengthening communication

  • Maintaining perceived fairness and safety of employees

Get the Full Story

This report provides examples of best practices to help keep your employees motivated whether they are working from home or have returned to the office.​

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Introduction to the Sigred Group

Talent drives company profitability and viability. Yet, attracting, retaining and developing leadership talent is hard work and requires expertise. Great employers rely on the Sigred Group to identify, hire, and develop amazing leadership talent.

We take the pain out of our clients’ talent management processes by leveraging our unique skillsets and diverse experiences to create pragmatic and effective solutions. Our team have all walked in your shoes – we have run companies, we have led teams, we have consulted across multiple industries. We know how to find and develop the best talent

“The speed and quality of the candidates and the search were exceptional.” 


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