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Employee Engagement

We help you measure your employees' engagement and develop strategies to improve it.

The Sigred Group provides clients access to our employee engagement tool.  We help you assess what is most important to your employees and how satisfied they are with what you offer. Our work with you will help you attract and retain the best talent for your organization.

How engaged are your employees?

Employers that work with us on Employee Engagement come away with a detailed understanding of three things:

  • How satisfied their employees are with 12 primary engagement factors (e.g., Recognition, Challenge, Work-life balance, Job security, etc)

  • How important each of those engagement factors are to their employees

  • What actions they can take to improve engagement

We don’t just provide you the data. We work with you to develop and implement the tools to increase the engagement of your employees.

Sign up to have you or your employees take the 2023 Global Employee Engagement and Culture Survey: 2023 Employee Engagement.

"How engaged are your employees?"

“The speed and quality of the candidates and the search were exceptional.” 


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