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Kristi Stepp on Leadership at DisruptHR

September, 2019

Sigred Solutions Partner Kristi Stepp spoke on Leadership Lessons from the Window at Disrupt HR in Detroit.

Kristi spoke about the four levels of competence:

  • unconscious incompetence

  • conscious incompetence

  • conscious competence

  • unconscious competence

And what holds us back, how it affects our comfort zone, and interferes with growth.

The pain between going from conscious incompetence and is what makes people quit jobs and go to another company back to the same job they were doing before so they can be comfortable.
But if you're not allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and allowing yourself to say 'you know what, I don't know what I'm doing but I've been through this before and and I'm going to get through it again,' then you're not allowing yourself to grow

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