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In the News: dBusiness on Sigred Solutions Employee Engagement Survey

May 18, 2020

Tim Keenan and RJ King of dBusiness interview Sigred Partners Kristi Stepp and Mike Dergis on the impact of the pandemic on on employee engagement.

Sigred Solutions Partner Kristi Stepp says, “The word productivity may need to be redefined in an era where a larger percent of the workforce is working remotely. As employers set up employees to work from home, it is key to set expectations and develop an understanding of the goals (both in terms of deliverables and deadlines).”
Stepp pointed out the responses to the question about productivity were a little surprising. Only 40 percent of the respondents felt less productive today than before the crisis. The feeling about productivity gains and losses, however, varied significantly by generation. Thirty-six percent of millennials agreed that they were more productive now, with 25 percent Generation X feeling the same way. Only 14 percent of Baby Boomers feel more productive today (and a full 48 percent feel less productive).

In Spring of 2020, Sigred Solutions conducted a global employee engagement survey and shared the data and their insights.

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