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Tips for Writing Recruitment Messages

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Finding top talent today is very different than years past. With a job seeker’s market and The Great Resignation causing high turnover, you can’t afford not to embrace the latest trends. You’ll need systems in place to have a top candidate experience, including digital messaging. Millennial and Gen Z employees who make up a large majority of today’s job seekers are more connected to technology than any previous generation. Providing clear communication using digital platforms will set you apart from your competition. Here are some current etiquette tips for texting and emailing candidates.

Include an Introduction

Texting makes communication more accessible, but unsolicited texts can frustrate anyone. Communicate clearly about your purpose for messaging, including who you are, your company, and a little information about the job.

Use Chatbots

Now is the time to engage with new technology to encourage communication. Many companies use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions directly from the website or portal. A chatbot can assist with this process and remove the administrative task of working with job seekers who need additional information, especially when that task is repeatable.

Keep Messages Short and Simple

Of course, brevity and simplicity are essential for text messages. It’s hard to read several paragraphs on the phone, so keep the message short. Point them to a web resource if they need more information.

Make it Personalized

We’ve all received texts or emails addressed to “Dear [First Name].” This technical glitch shows that you’ve just received a form message. It’s okay to use this automation, but make sure the information will be populated before hitting send.

Use a Call to Action

What do you want the candidate to do once they’ve received the text? You have to give them the next step of the process. This is referred to as a Call to Action. They may visit your website to apply online or schedule an interview depending on the purpose of the message.

When to Escalate

Not all communication is appropriate via text or even email. Sometimes you need to take the conversation to the next level or make it much more personalized. Know when to contact them by phone during the process.

Data Tracking

While the primary use of digital communication is convenient for the job seeker, there are advantages for you. With digital messaging, you can track the results. Review the performance of text or email campaigns to determine what works and what can be improved in the future.

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