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How to Hire and Onboard Remote Employees

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

It’s hard to say what would have happened if the pandemic hadn’t disrupted the workplace for two years. We now live in a market where work-from-home arrangements are more common. So how do you hire and properly onboard your remote team? Here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

Tailor Your Job Descriptions

Writing a dynamic job description sharing essential requirements for the position and what sets you apart as an employer is the first step to attracting top remote candidates.

Use these criteria to make your job description work for remote hiring:

· Keep it short, simple, original, and compelling

· Establish essential qualifications and separate them from nice-to-have

· Avoid biased or exclusive language

· Focus on your employer brand and company culture

You can also describe what they should expect as a remote team member.

Embrace Video Interviewing

Now is the time to perfect an interview process that incorporates virtual meetings. Choose an accessible platform that is easy for candidates to use. Provide detailed information early in the process so your candidates can install any necessary software and try out the platform independently.

Other tips include:

· Communicate instructions before the interview.

· Maintain the feel of an in-person interview.

· Let the candidate know about audio or video issues right away.

· Make the candidate feel at ease.

· Avoid using technical challenges against the employee.

Establish Your Remote Work Policies

One of the biggest frustrations for new employees is the feeling that their new employer is unprepared. You should develop processes and procedures for work-from-home employees that can be communicated effectively when someone is hired. Formal policies should be included in your handbook. Good policies increase trust, improve retention, enhance talent acquisition, and decrease absenteeism.

Focus on Onboarding

The most critical puzzle piece when hiring remote employees is to ensure that you have a great onboarding process. Employees who work from home can feel disconnected from the company culture, so make inclusivity a priority. Provide online paperwork they can complete before their first day. Make sure they have all the equipment they need to get started and always conduct a team introduction for your new employee to feel included in the group.

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