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Ghosting and the Job Search: It’s Not Just for Online Dating Anymore

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Anyone who has ever swiped right on a dating app understands the very non-supernatural phenomenon known as “ghosting.” Someone expresses interest and even begins a conversation, and at some point, they simply peace out of the conversation without another word. Well, ghosting isn’t limited to online dating anymore, and it’s cropping up a lot in the hiring process. Employers are seeing candidates drop out of the hiring process without communication or reason. So why is this happening, and what can you do about it? Here are a few things you can do to prevent candidate ghosting.

Adjust Your Hiring Process

33% of candidates suggest that the hiring process itself was the catalyst for ghosting. Employers commonly schedule multiple interviews before hiring, but sometimes those constant meetings frustrate candidates rather than give them confidence. When they meet with human resources, the hiring manager, the executives, and the coworkers, they might look at other avenues before they even know if an offer will be made. Streamlining the process will help keep candidates engaged and less likely to ghost.

Respect Their Time

The number of interviews isn’t the only way candidates feel their time is disrespected. A lack of communication from the employer may cause them to believe they’ve been ghosted first and stop communicating. To avoid this problem, ensure you’re providing regular updates about the process and next steps. If there is a pause in hiring, let them know. Otherwise, try to make a timely decision to keep employees engaged.

Showcase a Positive Company Culture

26% of candidates surveyed indicated that a negative reputation was the reason they ghosted the company. Just like employers Google candidates and review their public social media before deciding, applicants are doing the same thing. They might drop out of the process if they see negative online reviews. The best way to combat this is to create a positive and welcoming company culture. Improve your online reputation and build recognition by having a solid social media presence.

Let it Go

It’s essential to recognize that sometimes, ghosting isn’t always personal. Even if we want all candidates to remain professional and honest, some may fall off the radar as they accept other positions or shift their job search. You can’t control how others act, only how you respond. Being transparent on your end may stop some candidates from ghosting, but it isn’t realistic to assume it’ll never happen again. The Flip Side of Ghosting

There is an essential addendum on the subject of candidate ghosting. That is employer ghosting. Hiring doesn’t happen in a bubble, and the story is never black and white. A tweet by the CEO of GlassDoor showed that reviews mentioning employer ghosting had risen 98% since 2020. This is by no means a new phenomenon, and it’s important to know that ghosting candidates is a symptom of an employment culture that needs to change.

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