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Talent Acquisition Trends For 2022

The last two years have been challenging. Changes in the workforce are impacting businesses at all levels. But it wasn’t just the pandemic that caused this evolution. Many advances in recruitment and employee relations had already been on the table, but COVID-19 forced us to adopt them quicker than we anticipated. So what are some of the talent acquisition trends that we’ll continue to see in 2022 and beyond?

Work from Home and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Remote work made its mark when the pandemic forced companies to embrace it. However, the concept has been growing for many years. Companies transitioned quickly and many are now continuing with the arrangement. This has caused a shift in talent acquisition and recruiting. Companies that allow for remote or hybrid work have an advantage over their competitors. It also changes what companies look for in candidates. The hiring priority now is for individuals who work well in remote environments and understand how to collaborate and communicate using a variety of remote tools.

The Use of Social Media for Recruiting

There was a time when businesses regarded social media recruiting as a fad. But as the platforms continue to evolve, social media is the driving force of virtual communication. To target top talent, companies need to be where the talent is. Posting jobs on social media and attracting potential candidates through social media interaction will continue to grow. Companies need to become adept at communicating with candidates using a variety of tools.

More advanced Artificial Intelligence

The human touch aspect of recruiting will never disappear, but there is room to make the process more efficient. Artificial Intelligence has made its mark in the industry and the opportunities for automation are endless. Making repeatable processes easier gives recruiters more time to focus on the high-impact aspects of their work. Effective use of AI and automation tools can also decrease a company’s time to hire.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are significant discussions in the workplace, and for a good reason. Increasing equity and bringing more people with diverse backgrounds into decision-making roles is critical for the future of the workplace. Hiring a diverse workforce creates a company culture where different viewpoints combine and contribute to success.

Employee Wellbeing

The impact of the pandemic reaches much further than personal health and safety. We saw massive increases in stress and anxiety among working adults. Mental health awareness has become a huge talking point for the workplace. Managers need more training to effectively engage with their employees and support their overall wellbeing. Providing resources for mental health support will help prevent burnout and retain top talent.

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