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Reading the Tea Leaves: Talent Acquisition Trends for 2023

If I could pick one word to describe 2022, it would be “uncertain.” As we flip the calendar to 2023, the uncertainty isn’t going away. Just when we think we might have a handle on what the economy or market is doing, something changes. The tech sector and the housing industry are experiencing layoffs, while other sectors still see more open jobs than qualified candidates. Embracing continued uncertainty in 2023 is a must. To help cope with some of the uncertainty, here are some of the talent acquisition trends we expect to see in 2023?

The Ability to Pivot

Remember the old Friends episode with the sofa? “Pivot!” quickly became a meme and then a rallying cry. That’s where we are today in the employment market. Businesses and job seekers will be required to pivot many times and in various ways. For hiring managers, when it’s uncertain where your needs will be, pivoting must become a necessary part of prioritizing. For candidates, pivoting is a part of reassessing career plans and planning your job search.

Increased Flexibility

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he demanded that all remote employees return to work immediately. It’s a strategy he used with Tesla, too. But when Twitter employees pushed back, he walked his statements back, indicating that remote work could be considered case-by-case. Flexibility will in 2023 will continue to be a critical factor. Fewer employees are willing to sacrifice their work/live balance for their career.

Embracing Balance

Work/Life balance has been a talking point for many years, but employees have always worried that companies were just pay it lip service. However today, balancing career and personal lives is major focus of employees. We are seeing a lot of younger employees, especially young millennials and Generation Z, not willing to give up everything to work with an employer. Their view is that the company doesn’t own their time, but they are willing to sell their skills for money. Work has become more of a business transaction. In 2023, helping your prospective employees achieve a balance that works for them will set you apart as an employer of choice.

Data-Driven Recruitment

While many of the things we’ve discussed are based on changing expectations, there is one recruitment trend where we can apply science. In 2023, data-based recruitment will continue to be a driver of productivity. Companies can evaluate their budget, performance metrics, and sourcing strategies to develop robust recruitment plans to help them stay on track. In addition, surveys such as our

can help you better understand what your workers want.

Work with a Reliable Partner in an Age of Uncertainty

While we can’t predict exactly what 2023 will look like, working with a reliable resource for connecting outstanding talent with your company will help you stay one step ahead.

Do you want to know more about data-driven recruitment and talent acquisition? Contact Sigred Group today.

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