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VIDEO: Changes to the Recruiting Process since COVID-19

Cheryl Czach and Sigred Solutions Partner Mike Dergis talk about the effect of the pandemic on the recruiting process.

Mike shares some of the trends Sigred Solutions is seeing in talent searches and in their Global Employee Engagement Survey Analysis.

While unemployment is up and candidates have a little more flexibility, employers still need to be ready to move quickly.

Transcript of Changes to Recruiting since COVID-19

Cheryl Czach

I’m Cheryl Czach from Cheryl Czach Coaching and Consulting and I am here today with Mike Dergis from Sigred Solutions to talk about how the recruiting process has changed in this new normal. Mike, what are you seeing happening now?

Mike Dergis

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for chatting. We are seeing a couple of changes on the process side of things.
One is an increase in flexibility, especially during the work from home time. So this may change as people come back to the office. We are able to schedule interviews and video interviews very quickly. What might have taken three or four weeks to bring the talent and the employers together, can happen very quickly, so that is a positive.
The second thing we are seeing is a familiarity and a comfort with video interviewing. Six months ago, when we were interviewing candidates around the country and have to set up a video interview. Nine times out of ten, they hadn’t had that experience before. There was always a question about “will the technology work,” “are they going to be able to make it happen,” and you would have issues. Now, everyone is familiar with Zoom or GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams. They have become video natives at the moment, so it has become easier to set those up and to get very good, very honest feedback during the process.
The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for speed on the part of the employers. There is not an ability to sit back and take it slow. There is still a strong market for talent, regardless of what the unemployment figures say. Employers need to be able comfortable moving relatively quickly, in terms of working with the candidates to get them interviewed. We had one client that set up a series of one-on-one video interviews between the candidates and their hiring team. They were all one-on-one and it went very well and worked very smoothly and quickly.
As I said, the talent still has options and if they are interested in making a move, they are interested in making a move now. You don’t want to rest as you move forward with your hiring process.


If I am an employer and I am looking for information on how things have changed and what best practices are now, where can I get that information?


Feel free to contact us at We are very excited and very interested about talking to employers, whether clients or not, about what we see in the marketplace and more importantly listening to what they are seeing in the market and how they are reacting.
All employers in the region will be feeling their way as we bring people back to work and as we adapt the recruiting process. There will be a lot of learning from each other. That is one of the things we want to bring to the table.


Fantastic. Thank you Mike I appreciate you sharing that.

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