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Management Recruiting - Process

We adapt our process to meet your needs

We have developed a process that is simple at its core, but that quickly and efficiently returns values for our clients.






We get to know you and your company.

We develop an understanding of the cultural attributes and skills required.

We write the job description

We assess the candidates based on your requirements.

All of our candidates receive a phone screen and a full interview.

We can also conduct personality assessments (yours or ours)

We present candidates that meet your requirements. Depending on the needs, this can be done one at a time or as a slate of candidates.

We present our assessments on the pros and cons of each.

We support you throughout your interview process. We support with negotiations.

We conduct reference checks. We help finalize start-dates.



Once your candidate starts, we stay connected. We offer on-boarding coaching to help new hires acclimate. We also check in to make sure everything continues to go smoothly.

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