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Contact Mike Dergis to find amazing talent for your portfolio companies.

Too often recruiting is seen as a headache (at best) or a waste of time (at worst). Hiring the wrong candidate can have catastrophic consequences for your investment. We work with our Private Equity clients to take the pain out of their hiring process.

Our role as executive recruiters is to do the hard/time consuming work – identifying, screening and presenting candidates that are the best fit for you and your organization. We focus as much on the culture fit of candidates as we do on their capabilities.


At Sigred Solutions, we have a strong commitment to our clients.

We are committed to making the lives of our clients easier. We do the hard work to find key leaders, allowing you to choose the ones that best fit your needs and culture:

  • Honesty – We do not oversell candidates in order to close a search. We share what we know about the candidates.

  • Communication – We provide you with regular status updates throughout the search and are available for discussion whenever you have questions.

  • Advice – We offer a consultative approach, offering suggestions and advice throughout the process. 

  • Commitment – We are committed to your success. We continue working until we find the best candidates and back up our searches with a replacement guarantee.

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